About us

This adventure that began in 1971, lasts for over fifty years now. The aged postcards, black and white photos and some image in color still bear witness of this era that time can not erase, and even progress can not fade.


A deep tie, made with love and dedication, which unites the members of our family, is transmitted in the admittedly difficult but exciting sector of hospitality and is renewed day by day to make this a unique place.


We are now a large family and our clients are meeting up here for years "at Mimosa" almost like a tradition, an appointment not to miss, a joy that is renewed every summer for them and for us who see over time our customers grow up, then get engaged and marry and then return with their children "at Mimosa".


What is the charm of this place? Maybe the family atmosphere that distinguishes it, surely the opportunity to really be able to relax, feel at home and at the same time off to spend holidays quietly, calmly and especially simply!


Welcome home!