1) When you arrive you must complete and sign the "Declaration of particulars" for all your family members. This declaration authorizes the processing of personal data under privacy law number 675/96.


2) The stickers that are delivered on arrival can be displayed on the car to facilitate entry into the seaside resort.


3) The pitches are assigned by the Management. they must always be kept in order and perfectly clean, especially the day of the departure.


4) Small dogs and other pets are allowed only with the permission of the management and must have a vaccination card. They must always be guarded and kept on a leash.


5) From 2pm to 4pm and from 12 midnight to 7.30am are prohibited entry and exit of vehicles and in these hours quiet must be STRICTLY RESPECTED.


6) On the internal roads of the Villaggio Camping is forbidden to circulate with vehicles in more than 5km / h.


7) Are prohibited noises as audiovisual equipment at high volume, screaming and shouting.


8) Adults are directly responsible for their children's behavior. They must be accompanied to the toilet and must be supervised when on the playground.


9) It is forbidden to light fires on the beach and in the camping, outside of the special barbecues.


10) Each guest is required to keep the things of his property. Management is not responsible for any theft, and provides its customers a safe service.


11) No entry for non-campers. The entry of any friends and relatives of our guests must be licensed by the Director upon delivery of an identity document and pay the appropriate fare.


12) The entrance to the Villaggio Camping involves the acceptance and full compliance with these rules. The same may be added any new rules that management deems appropriate.